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A Special Welcome to Military Members and Families

There is a painting that hangs just outside of the Secretary of Defense’s office at the Pentagon showing a family at an altar rail. Above them, in the family’s thoughts, and far away, are their loved ones serving their country in various forms. At the bottom of the painting is a small brass plaque from Isaiah, which reads, “Here am I…send me.” The painting is a powerful statement that reminds all that the men and women who serve our country are not forgotten, that they are constantly in our prayers, and that many leave behind families when they perform their duty.

We at Holy Comforter are acutely aware of the sacrifices that military members, and their families, make in order to serve our nation. Many of our members are active duty–some single, some with families; many of our members are also retired military who have returned to Sumter. All understand the calling of duty, sacrifice, and family. Holy Comforter serves as a home–or a temporary home–for all of them while they are here.

We know that stress can take many forms, affecting not only a military member but also their families. Holy Comforter provides programs and courses which can assist with the rigors of military life and are designed to provide support and a safe haven for the everyday special stress and needs of military single and family life. We know all that is entailed in a deployment or a family separation. We are there for you and your family.

Just as the families in the painting, Holy Comforter continually has our nation’s military members–and especially those of our Holy Comforter family–in our prayers. We look forward to meeting you and serving you while you and your family serve our nation.

Rev. Phil Osborne, Deacon

Minister for Military Outreach

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